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word world is a platform for translation, editing and writing services that specialize in literature, arts, human science, press, politics and communication in three languages: Arabic, English and French.
Focusing on the Middle East and North Africa, word world offers packages in consulting for companies or organisations wishing to set up regionally and provides comprehensive management for a variety of cultural projects.
With a network of highly qualified professionals, word world aims to support our clients achieve their goals by facilitating dialogue between interlocutors of different societies globally. We believe in the possibility to build bridges to gain a better knowledge and thereby a better understanding of international cultures, networks and audiences.


Whether political articles, literary works, subtitles, institutional brochures or digital communication, word world ensures that your project is conceptually accurate,  stylistically faithful, culturally relevant and technically exact at competitive rates with the strictest respect to deadlines.


Proofreaders, editors, revisers, word world gathers a group of professionals fluent in French, Arabic and English, able to detect misinterpretations, misspellings or syntax problems. We meticulously review incorrect terms, awkward phrasing or even rewrite passages if necessary.


word world is also a platform for Arabic, English and French-speaking journalists, copywriters, or writers who focus on North Africa and the Middle East. Using a network of professionals from different fields, we can assist you with writing original content, crafting your message and communicating with old and new audiences.


word world advises companies and institutions to develop their communication strategies in order to better establish themselves in the Arab region. Experts can guide you through the social context, new audiences, company image or channels of communication.

communication consulting

word world brings together a pool of cultural actors who are connoisseurs of the local scene. From providing curation of relevant artists to various fundraising and budgeting strategies, we can help you with planning, implementation, follow-up and communication for all your cultural projects.